Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 20% (0% THC)

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Extraction : Cold extraction

CBD: 2000mg of CBD

CBD per drop: 20mg

Container : 10ml

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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 20% CBD (0% THC)


  • Natural handicraft production in Switzerland
  • Cold extraction of CBD and other cannabinoids with 0% THC
  • Low concentration with a CBD content of 20%.
  • Daily or occasional use to improve well-being


We are pleased to offer you our CBD Broad Spectrum 0% THC oil, made in Switzerland by hand.


The cold extraction preserves all the active substances (cannabinoids) allowing to multiply the obtained benefits. It is a traditional method that allows to preserve the main active biomolecules, such as phytocannabinoids. The difference with the Full Spectrum oil is that a step during the extraction is added to remove the THC. You will also benefit from the surrounding effect created by the interaction of the various terpenes and cannabinoids.


The exctractions do not contain any solvent, synthetic additions, heavy metals, pesticides and have a rate of 0% of THC.


Many benefits are experienced by a large number of people including general well-being, improved sleep and digestive system, considerable stress reduction and reduction of chronic pain.


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 20% (0% THC)


Broad Spectrum 20% CBD Oil (0% THC) is an oil with a low concentration of CBD, recommended for daily or occasional use to improve your well-being.



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