Our History



Founded in 2017, the founding team of Aïfé consists of three friends driven by a common desire to promote the benefits of high-quality CBD hemp products.


From our first discussions, we have focused directly on quality. Indeed our goal was and still is to offer the best CBD products. Whether it’s CBD flowers, CBD oils or any other CBD derived products. This was detrimental to us from the start because the competition offered low-quality products at low prices, often from foreign cultures. Nevertheless, we kept the thread of our original idea and continue to do so today.

Close up of agronome hands keeping a sprout of biological and ecological hemp plants used for herbal pharmaceutical cbd oil outside the greenhouse.

Our beginnings



Even before opening a physical store or an online shop, we wanted to produce our own CBD varieties. The first challenge was to find premises to start our indoor CBD plantation.

Equipe AIFE

Building our first plantation in 2017.


Our first planting in 2017


First harvest!

Following this first experience, the desire to offer more and more quality products to meet the high demand led us to specialize also in CBD oils. We offer two alternatives, the

CBD oils without THC

as well as the versions

Full Spectrum

(Full Spectrum) with less than 1% THC and in several percentages. Always in the spirit of proposing the best possible quality, we take care to select the best producers to provide you with a top-of-the-range oil that will satisfy your expectations always in the spirit of a regional and natural conception.

Doctors hold a bottle of medicine dropper, biomedical and ecological hemp medicine, medicinal plants, cbd oil, hemp oil, medical hemp products for medical use, including cbd hemp leaf

The desire to go even further pushed us to expand our range to offer you

cosmetic products

based on CBD. We hope to develop new products in the future and hope that you will be part of the Aïfé adventure!

You also have the possibility to come and visit a

Aïfé store

It is the guarantee of a warm welcome and personalized advice for the best use of our CBD hemp.

Aïfé Shop Lausanne

Why the name Aïfé?


Aife was a legendary figure in Irish mythology and a powerful druidess. It is said that she was the daughter of Ard-Greimne, a famous warrior of Irish mythology, and the sister of Scáthach, another famous warrior and trainer of heroes.


According to the myth, Aife lived on an island in the west of Ireland, which could only be reached by crossing a treacherous sea. She was known for her incredible knowledge of magic and her skill in battle. It was said that Aife could metamorphose into different animals, including a bird, a deer and a wolf.


Aife was also known for her role as a teacher. She taught the warrior Cúchulainn, one of the greatest heroes of Irish mythology. According to the myth, Aife challenged Cúchulainn to a fight to test his skills, and he defeated her. However, he spared her life and they eventually became friends.


Aife is often portrayed as a fierce and independent woman who is not afraid to challenge men and defy convention. Her character became an important symbol of female power and strength in Irish mythology.


Today, Aife is still remembered and celebrated in Ireland and beyond, with many modern artists, writers and musicians drawing inspiration from its history.


There is historical evidence to suggest that Celtic druids used plants such as cannabis and hemp for medicinal purposes. However, it is important to note that precise knowledge of their treatment methods is lost to history and the information available is limited.


Cannabis and hemp contain cannabinoids, which are active chemical compounds that have effects on the human body. Some of these cannabinoids, such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have psychoactive properties and can affect sensory perception, mood and appetite. Other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), have more therapeutic effects and can help reduce inflammation, pain and anxiety.


It is possible that Celtic druids used cannabis and hemp preparations to relieve pain, inflammation and other ailments. However, it is important to note that their use would probably have been reserved for the most severe or difficult to treat cases, as plants would have been rare and difficult to grow at that time.


It is also worth noting that Celtic Druids would probably have combined the use of herbs with other treatment methods, such as surgery, talk therapy and meditation. Our understanding of the medicinal practices of the Celtic Druids is therefore limited, but it is possible that plants such as cannabis and hemp were used in their treatment.

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