Founded in 2017, the founding team of Aïfé consists of three friends driven by a common desire to promote the benefits of high-quality CBD hemp products.


The adventure begins by specializing in the responsible and ecological cultivation of this plant known for thousands of years for its many virtues.


We offer you the best of CBD, a vast choice of

dried flowers

is available to satisfy you.

Following this first experience, the desire to offer more and more quality products to meet the high demand led us to specialize also in CBD oils. We offer two alternatives, the

CBD oils without THC

as well as the versions

Full Spectrum

(Full Spectrum) with less than 1% THC and in several percentages. Always in the spirit of proposing the best possible quality, we take care to select the best producers to provide you with a top-of-the-range oil that will satisfy your expectations always in the spirit of a regional and natural conception.

The desire to go even further pushed us to expand our range to offer you

cosmetic products

based on CBD. We hope to develop new products in the future and hope that you will be part of the Aïfé adventure!

You also have the possibility to come and visit a

Aïfé store

It is the guarantee of a warm welcome and personalized advice for the best use of our CBD hemp.

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