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The Aïfé Broad Spectrum CBD oil (0% THC) is issued from a cold extraction method which preserves all the active substances (cannabinoids) allowing to multiply the obtained benefits. It is a traditional method that allows to preserve the main active biomolecules, such as phytocannabinoids. The difference with the Full Spectrum oil is that a step during the extraction is added to remove the THC. You will also benefit from the entourage effect created by the interaction of the different terpenes and cannabinoids.


Available in 5 concentrations – low (5%), medium (10%, 15%) and high (20% and 30%) – depending on the intensity of the effects desired, this oil is suitable for daily use in cases of stress/anxiety, uneasiness, pain or sleeping problems.



The CBD oil Aïfé with broad spectrum known as “full spectrum” is produced with a method which preserves all the active substances (cannabinoids) allowing to multiply the benefits obtained.


This oil is available in different concentration levels – low (4%), medium (8%) and high (20% and 40%) – depending on the desired intensity. It is particularly suitable for daily use in case of chronic disorders: stress/anxiety, malaise, pain or sleeping problems.

CBD cream - medical cannabis



Our CBD cosmetics products was developed in collaboration with local artisans who respect the environment and produce natural and organic products.


Aïfé CBD balm is specially designed for local use such as hands, feet, elbows or knees.


The Aïfé CBD cream is designed for a wider use. Its moisturizing properties are ideally recommended for dry skin.


Aïfé CBD massage oils are perfect for a relaxing moment. The essential oils present in the recipe merge perfectly with the CBD molecule.

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