CBD Crumble

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CBD 95% | THC <0.2%

Crumble is the result of a full spectrum extraction, which takes the form of dry, crumbly yellow crystals.
CBD Crumble is perfect for your full spectrum CBD preparations or for pure concentration for more powerful effects.

It may contain traces of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC or CBDA.

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What is CBD Crumble?

CBD Crumble is the result of a full spectrum extraction of all the cannabinoids present in CBD cannabis. This product is one of the most concentrated in CBD with Isolat, with a concentration of up to 95% CBD.

Being the result of a “full spectrum” extraction, CBD Crumble contains small traces of THC. This concentration remains below 0.2% in sixty8 products to guarantee legal products in Europe.
As the name suggests, CBD Crumble comes in the form of small, dense crumbs that resemble tiny crystals.
When burned, Sixty8’s CBD crumble does not crackle and leaves no residue. Amnesia’s natural terpenes add a fruity, slightly peppery note.

Finally, as regards the effects, if you consume it pure, the effects are quite powerful, and if you use it in your products, the effects will depend on the concentration you choose.

How to use CBD crumble?

CBD Crumble is a rather special product that can be used in several different ways:

– CBD preparations: Crumble is often used diluted in a solvent to make CBD products. Thanks to Crumble, you can give the properties of CBD to your homemade beer, olive oil or DIY cosmetics.

– Inhalation: CBD Crumble can also be inhaled directly as a dab, bong or with an adapted vaporizer, for example. Some people also crumble the crumble into their tobacco for smoking, however Sixty8 advises against consuming your CBD products in combustion.

– In E-liquid: Crumble is also used in full spectrum CBD e-liquids. So you can also vape CBD crumble.

Given its nature, this product may be suitable for people who want to create full spectrum CBD products or for regular CBD users who want the most powerful effects.

Legislation & details

All Sixty8 products comply with European regulations concerning products containing CBD. Crumble CBD therefore contains only minute traces of THC (less than 0.2%).

For best results, store crumble in a cool place, away from heat and light. When the product is opened, be sure to reseal the packaging after use.


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