Magic Mushrooms FOCUS

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It’s not always easy to combine speed, endurance and concentration. In today’s fast-paced world, any technique is a good way to stay on top of your game!

Certain ingredients, known as ” nootropics “, naturally stimulate our body and brain. This is particularly true of certain mushrooms, which contain molecules capable of stimulating our cognitive functions !

Trycome unveils its Magic Mushrooms range of nootropic mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms Focus stimulate creativity, concentration and stamina!


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What is a Magic Mushroom?

The nickname “Magic Mushroom” has been affectionately coined to describe certain species of mushroom capable of stimulating our cognitive and physical functions. Most are potential nootropics, i.e. ingredients capable of (positively) managing our neural network and improving brain function.

In short, these are mushrooms with miraculous effects, which explains their nickname!


Magic Mushrooms FOCUS features

Trycome’s Magic Mushrooms Focus are designed to improve the intensity and duration of concentration. They contain powerful nootropics that stimulate our cognitive functions naturally and almost instantaneously.

The ingredients include two well-known mushrooms already used in Chinese medicine for their neuroprotective and stimulating properties:

  • Cordyceps
  • Lion’s Mane (also known as Hydne Hérisson)

These two mushrooms stimulate activity and prolong mental endurance. Two mushrooms act in support of mushrooms, notably to improve memory and balance the body:

  • Shiitake
  • Reishi

Effects of magic mushrooms

The effects of mushroom capsules occur around 40 minutes after intake, i.e. the time it takes for the capsule to be digested by the stomach. As for the duration of the effect, we can observe an improvement in concentration over several hours, which generally corresponds to digestion time.

Magic Mushrooms Focus ‘ main effect is toincrease concentration and memory capacity. We also notice an ease in connecting ideas and a greater tolerance to mental effort.

Lion’s mane is already known in alternative medicine for its neuroprotective effects. It is one of the best nootropics for stimulating cognitive functions, as well as offering benefits forbalancing the nervous system.

As for cordyceps, it has a tendency to energize the body. It’s the cordyceps extracts that boost stamina in Magic Mushrooms Focus capsules. In particular, it helps the body to use oxygen properly.

Shiitake supports the immune system and stabilizes the mood, preventing stress-related loss of concentration. Finally, Reishi improves concentration and memory, and acts as an antioxidant.

As you can see, these Magic Mushroom capsules are powerful nootropics that enhance your performance.


Why buy nootropics?

Those who buy nootropics often have a good reason for doing so!

Nootropics are a simple, legal and natural way to achieve your goals. It’s not always easy to be constantly stimulated and to have to produce on a daily basis, without a helping hand. Think of people in positions of responsibility, students or even top athletes, who need to concentrate for long hours at a time!

Nootropics, which do not require a prescription and are not particularly dangerous, enable you to take care of your neurons, improve your cognitive performance and prolong your endurance.

Magic Mushrooms Focus, from the high-end Trycome brand, are a simple, natural way to manage everyday life with greater confidence and efficiency.



Do not exceed two capsules a day.

Not suitable for minors.

Do not use if pregnant, breast-feeding or taking medication.

If in doubt, please seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Magic Mushrooms are not medicines. They do not replace your potential treatment.

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