Magic Mushrooms RELIEF

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RELIEF magic mushrooms soothe everyday ailments and strengthen the immune system.

Thanks to the combination of three mushrooms renowned for their beneficial effects on the body (Reishi, Chaga and Cordyceps), RELIEF Magic Mushrooms support the immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems .

Magic mushrooms have been developed by the high-end Trycome brand, which harnesses the virtues of natural ingredients to soothe ailments of body and mind.


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Magic Mushrooms RELIEF by Trycome

Magic Shop Trycome

Trycome, a Sixty8 partner brand, develops products derived from natural plants and mushrooms, with the aim ofimproving the balance of body and mind. Trycome’s laboratories are located in France and comply with strict sanitary standards.


Magic Mushrooms RELIEF ingredients

Three mushrooms have been selected to make RELIEF capsules:

  • Cordyceps. Already recognized for its nootropic properties, Cordyceps is a must-have. Sportsmen and women use it regularly, as it stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule that boosts endurance and performance. It also supports our respiratory, immune and cardiovascular functions. All in all, this mushroom maintains a healthy balance in the body and could relieve many ailments.
  • Reishi. Reishi is a real magic mushroom for the body. It’s said to be good for the liver, the immune system and the heart… as well as having beneficial effects on the mind! Reishi is an adaptogenic mushroom that reduces stress and stabilizes mood. It therefore promotes good concentration.
  • The Chaga. Chaga is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for reducing muscle pain. It also improves digestion, lowers blood cholesterol and reduces blood sugar levels.

These three mushrooms have particularly beneficial effects on the overallbalance of mind and body. RELIEF Magic Mushrooms could, therefore, improve the ills of mind and body, whether you’re a student lacking concentration, a sportsman with recurring muscle soreness or a user of little health.

Of course, these over-the-counter mushrooms are not medicines, and are absolutely no substitute for a course of medication and a visit to a health professional.

Magic Shop in France

What are Smartshop and Magic shop in France?

Magic Shops are stores where you canbuy potent nootropics, mushrooms and legal stimulants. Two types of products are favoured in these special stores:

  • Magic mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms are mushrooms whose compounds are capable of interacting with our bodies. They regulate some of our physiological functions and provide numerous benefits, earning them the nickname “magic mushrooms”. Some mushrooms, such as Cordyceps, are also powerful nootropics.
  • Nootropics. Natural nootropics are substances capable of stimulating our cognitive functions. In other words, when they are consumed, neuronal networks are ” boosted “. They can also increase endurance, act as neuroprotective agents, reduce stress and improve concentration… Nootropics are prized by students, for example, who are looking to boost their performance.


Where to buy nootropics and mushrooms in France?

In France, there are few physical stores where you canbuy mushrooms or natural nootropics. And yet they are packed with benefits! To buy nootropics and mushrooms, you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for in online Magic Shops.

The Sixty8 Smartshop offers a wide range of legal stimulants and relaxants made from natural ingredients. Delivery anywhere in France and Europe!



RELIEF Magic Mushrooms are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people on medication or minors .

If in doubt, or if you have any questions, please seek the advice of a healthcare professional .

Please do not exceed a maximum dosage of two capsules per day.

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