Magic Mushrooms SLIM

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Want to feel in harmony with your body? Magic Mushrooms SLIM may be just what you’re looking for!

Made with concentrated extracts of Shiitake, a “magic” mushroom traditionally used in Asian cuisine, Magic Mushrooms SLIM capsules regulate metabolism and complement your meals. After a week of indulgence, they have a particularly pleasant detox effect!

Magic Mushrooms SLIM have been developed by the high-end Trycome brand to promote physical well-being on a daily basis.


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Trycome’s Magic Mushrooms SLIM

Trycome is a high-end brand that relies on the benefits of natural ingredients to improve the body’s overall balance. Magic Mushrooms SLIM gently cleanse the body, stabilize metabolism, improve digestion and provide essential nutrients.

They enable us to live our daily lives with peace of mind. The properties of Shiitake mushrooms have long been recognized, particularly in Asian cuisine. Shiitake isn’t just good for your figure! It’s a mushroom that regulates various immune functions in the body.

It generates long-term physical well-being.


The effects of Shiitake mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms SLIM capsules are made entirely from Shiitake mushroom extracts. This composition was not chosen at random! In fact, Shiitake mushrooms have many beneficial effects on the body. That’s why Asian cuisines have been using it for so long!


Detox and figure

First and foremost, Magic Mushrooms SLIM are excellent detoxifiers. Shiitake contains eritadenine, an active substance capable of reducing cholesterol production in the liver. In other words, by eating these magic mushrooms, you can lower your blood cholesterol levels.

But that’s not all! Shiitake is a very good natural supplement. It nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, selenium and zinc. This reduces the risk of certain deficiencies responsible for food cravings, as well as improving the body’s general condition.

Of course, Magic Mushrooms SLIM are absolutely no substitute for a balanced, healthy and sufficient diet! They’re not medicine either!


Body wellness

Shiitake mushrooms may also have relevant effects on the immune system, whose activity they stimulate. They are also excellent antibacterial and antiviral agents, helping to strengthen your natural defenses.

Some studies show that one of Shiitake’s compounds, lentinan, has anti-tumor properties! What’s more, the mushroom’s cholesterol-lowering properties are good for the heart.


Duration of effects

This fungus tends to act in the background, although it begins to take effect 40 minutes after ingestion of the first pill. Secondly, it works over a long, medium- to long-term period, depending on how regularly you take it.

Note that no more than two capsules should be taken daily.


Buy mushrooms on Sixty8

Why buy mushrooms? Whether for their nootropic effects or their benefits for the body, mushrooms are a simple, effective, non-prescription way to take care of yourself!

We’re proud to present Trycome ‘s range of Magic Mushrooms! Trycome Magic Mushrooms are legal, so you can buy them whenever you like and eat them any time of day.

The capsules are manufactured in a French laboratory, in compliance with health standards.



Magic Mushrooms SLIM are natural supplements that promote general well-being. It is by no means a drug. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional if in doubt.

Mushrooms are no substitute for a healthy, balanced diet.

This product is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Nor is it suitable for minors.

Please do not take more than two capsules a day.

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